What makes you better than everyone else?

People invest in WINNERS so give your visitors the assurance that you ARE ONE by demonstrating credibility and legitimacy of your operation.  This is called “identity building” where you are communicating “self-worth”.

There are too many fakes, scams, crooks, and con artists out there so your number one goal on your company page is to give your audience the reassurance that you are “legit” and you are worthy of their time and trust.

The best way to do this is to show track record so if anyone wants to research-up on you they can.  Researching is a good sign because when visitors come back that means they have done their homework and are serious to start a working relationship.  So here are a few guidelines that can help you better position yourself.

Step one.   Briefly explain when your company / business / organization was established and why.  People want to know how and why your business took off in this line of work.  They want to know the source of your passion, the inspiration, the drive and determination that has gone into building your brand.  This is also important because it will show visitors that you are not a come today, gone tomorrow, type of establishment and that if they start working with you the chances of you disappearing or abandoning them is next to zero.

Step two.   Explain and define your company / business / organization’s area of specialization.  In one paragraph your audience wants to know one thing.   Why you and not someone else?  In this section you need to put your best foot forward and build confidence.

Step three. Go right into testimonials by giving references.  This builds up assurances.

Step four.   Always close with a call to action.  Once the visitor has read your company brief ask them read up some more by taking them either to your file cabinet where they can access more information about your company / business / organization OR the video channel to watch you speak about your business.

The goal here is to build TRUST, establish rapport and build confidence so that the visitor will be motivated and encouraged to contact you.   This is the start of a working relationship in the new MEconomy.

Here are a few examples. 


Example 1. (show confidence, enthusiasm and compassion)

Magic Solutions was founded in 2005 as a digital services company with a passion to help startups and SMEs break through the digital barrier by increasing penetration and reach in order to meet their business goals.

We know that for any startup the ROI of every dollar is important which is why when we deploy a marketing plan we know how to turn US $1 dollar spent in to US $2 dollars return.

Magic Solutions is proud to have worked with some amazing entrepreneurs and innovators such as Sam Torbin, the founder of Xox, Liz Patal, the CEO of Jumpbox that has just raised over US $6 million dollars in first round fund and Nargis Kohan, the Chief Marketing Officer at Bluewaters.

To find out more about Magic Solutions, what we do and how we work with our clients please access my file cabinet for more information and feel free to watch our introductory webcast in my videos.   If you have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact me directly on my AIO.  We look forward to working with you on time, with your budget and to your success.


Example 2. (show experience and wisdom)

Yamamama is a specialty coffee shop with Turkish roots that go back to my grandmother’s time 80 years ago.  It also bears her signature on its custom menu from the day we started back in 1996 with one shop in one country to now that we have over 250 outlets across 8 countries.

With the food industry so terribly gone wrong we wanted to bring back the tradition of the past when food tasted real, ingredients were fresh and everyone was happy eating meals that nourished the body and soul.

Yamamama is also an award winning brand that has received acknowledgement from Presidents, dignitaries, nutrition experts and celebrities.

To get a taste of Yamamama please check out our products and services section and order our award winning Yamacookies.  Once you taste it you will be hooked on good food for life.


Example 3.  (be humorous but maintain confidence as a game changer)

Troy Consulting is a one-man company established in 1972, the day I was born.  But it wasn’t until 1994 after graduating from Simon Fraser University from the faculty of engineering and later working on electrical power distribution projects in the US where I was able to disrupt the supply model by creating an off grid power source.

In 2002 I was offered a US $300 million dollar contract to bring electricity to inhabitants of a country in South East Asia and from there I created the first independent electrical system (IES) that is a patent of mine.   Under this patent within 72 hours we can now bring electricity to any neighborhood or town with a capacity of 500,000 homes.

If you would like to know more about Troy Consulting and what I can bring to your project please either contact me directly at my AIO, or for more information about the various project I have been involved with access my file cabinet or watch my videos.


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