Your currency is TRUST, let’s start with HELLO 

Pick any website, online front, or splash page and what do you see.  9 out 10 times it’s either a product promotion, a self-congratulatory award smack in the middle of the page to impress viewers or there is a “signup button” with a bunch of product links and tabs that sends the visitor off into never never land.

The reason is that since the 1990s when the world wide web came into existence marketing agencies and web development companies took over the digital arena and positioned websites as nothing more than online catalogs.

Their entire ethos, till this very day, is to make pretty interfaces and push products like a newspaper ad, and very reluctantly, do they feel obliged to add a “contact us” button just in case a visitor to the website would need help and would want to contact the company or website owner.  But they would really prefer that didn’t happen because it would just mean more work and that’s not what old school marketing mindset is all about.

What is sad is that in the social media era were transparency and personal interaction has rapidly become the norm in fostering relationships the marketing and web management teams are still using the same old method without even contemplating the thought that one of the reasons why websites are under performing is precisely because they have not made their front-line people (sales, marketing, business development and public relations) visible and accessible to online visitors / potential customers and instead their analytic benchmarks are measured in clicks, impressions, and nowadays facebook likes .

It didn’t work ten years ago and let me tell you, it won’t work now just look at the conversion rates of clicks to buys.  The internet after 25 years is still not considered a primary business platform but rather a nicety to have.  So let’s change this model now that we can with your AIOconnect.   Let’s make a real human connection by reaching out and interacting with others on a personal level and make it a precondition for increasing business opportunity which is something we strongly believe in.


Building up your profile page

On your AIOconnect we are focused on building connections and the first connection you need to make is through your “profile page”.   Mastering the “art of greeting” is something a lot of us overlook without realizing that your first impression can either open the door to infinite possibilities OR it could be the end of it.

Here, the focus is on YOU to build rapport and you have about ten seconds to do so.  The viewer(s) who take the time to visit your AIO want to know who you are and how you can solve their problem so let’s start with “hello” and then structure your profile page in 3 parts, “acknowledgement and appreciation” for showing interest in you, “introduction” of who you are and why they should invest time and money in doing business with you, and a “call to action” so you don’t leave the viewer guessing as to what they need to do next.

You have 800 words to connect with the visitor so be compact yet effective.

Your mission is to build “CONFIDENCE & TRUST” and present yourself as a WINNER because people like to deal with other people who can meet their needs, and take responsibility on a personal level above and beyond any company brand or company assurances (return policies, sales polices, refund policies etc).

So let’s build your first impression, the right way.      You can follow this script or make a variation of it that suits you but whatever you do, don’t be in a hurry to push a product as the first rule of the new MEconomy is to connect and once you have established that rapport slowly walk the potential customer to your products and services section and ultimately to close a deal.

Remember you need to build TRUST as your number one asset if you are playing “long” which means turning a first time buyer into a repeat buyer with the end goal of turning them into your AIO ambassadors and surrogates so they feel confident enough to put their reputation on the line and spreading your name within their network.

Let me show you two examples of an AIO profile page one as a service provider and the other as a product sales person.


Example 1.

Hi and thanks for visiting my AIO

My name is John Bormann and I have spent the past 25 years in the aviation industry as a pilot with some of the leading airlines in the world.   Today I run my own aviation academy with a fleet of 16 single engine airplanes providing PPL training to kids as young as 9 and adventure seekers as young as 75.

As the founder and CEO of Air Eagle academy my personal guarantee to anyone who wants to learn how to fly is not only the skills to handle a plane from takeoff, to navigation, and landing but more importantly to instill the confidence a seasoned pilot would need to manage a flight with impeccable safety.

To learn more about Air Eagle academy please visit our video channel to watch the “beginners flight” program and download the program catalogue from my file cabinet and if you still had questions please contact me on my AIO and I would be more than happy to respond.

We look forward to helping you fly like an Eagle

Best Regards

Founder, CEO and Capitan
John Bormann


Example 2.

Hi, my name is Rebecca Thomson and welcome to my AIO,

As a mom of 4 kids aged 3, 5, 9 and 11 I can tell you that feeding children the right, healthy, nutritious and balanced diet was never easy given that we are bombarded with so much advertisement of sugar filled food that are inexpensive but void of value.

This is why I have dedicated 16 years of my life to creating the most powerful menu any mother could give their kids.

My 5 course meal program is something that I not only feed my children with but I have been fortunate enough to gain the support of the entire school district of West Virginia were we now feed over 13,000 kids between the ages of 4 and 18.

To find out more about my power menu please watch our “kids come first video” and then download our “power menu” brochure for more details.   If you have any questions, please feel free to connect me at my AIO.

Best Regards

Rebecca Thomson
a mom who cares


The other important factor you need to consider is making sure the language, spelling and flow are all correct.  Remember, you are asking people to trust you and paying attention to these seemingly minor details makes a world of different in how to start building TRUST.  So, give your reader the respect they deserve by being coherent, articulate and demonstrate leadership with a lot of energy and DO NOT PUSH products on this first encounter.  Be patient.  If the person is interested in you they will follow up.

On AIOconnect we are helping you create an inspiring first impression but the steps need to be taken in the right way.  Once you have added the content in the middle column on the right hand side you will see a box where you can upload an image that best represents you.   Part of your presentation is knowing what kind of image is complementary to your statement.   Often I would suggest professionals using a head-shot on a white background, a professional photo with a smile would do beautifully.   Alternatively, you can select a picture of your choice that would represent you and the industry you are in best.  Just keep in mind the number one rule, you need to build “Trust”, first.


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