How to Search Engine Optimize your BRAND

Organic SEO is more complicated but less costly that buying Google Ad Words that cost an arm and a leg these days.   Here is my talk on how you can do it very effectively using “content”. With content you are killing two birds with one stone, building credibility and creating a digital footprint at theContinue reading “How to Search Engine Optimize your BRAND”

Who is the right candidate to become a network marketeer

Network marketing is not for everyone.  It takes a special kind of person with a certain desire for FREEDOM, INDEPENDENCE and SELF RELIANCE who wants to break free from the old 9 to 5 box and the security of a paycheck. While such people are profit maximizers and ambitious they are also very hardworking, loveContinue reading “Who is the right candidate to become a network marketeer”

What is Network Marketing?

One of the most powerful and highly effective forms of sales and marketing in the digital era is network marketing and for two reasons.  One, the MEconomy has made the legal corporation redundant where people can now directly trade with one another using the web.  And two, financial transactions can take place between parties directly.Continue reading “What is Network Marketing?”

Why affiliate sales is the alternative to employment

Follow these rules and you can make your business VERY profitable without having to build up overhead costs or hire new recruits.    Our affiliate partners program on is one of those plans that can make you a lot of MONEY if you are good at networking and have a passion for sales.

Why you shouldn’t brag about your product at the outset of a sales meeting

Too often business people brag about the “awesomeness” of their product before anything else.   Wrong approach.  What you need to be doing instead is getting your customer to visualize the ideal outcome (the final destination) of where they want to be at and then explain how your product or service can help get them there.Continue reading “Why you shouldn’t brag about your product at the outset of a sales meeting”

What the attributes of a GREAT sales person

So you are in sales and want to know what it takes to become GREAT.   Watch this video and we will be sharing a few tips on this topic.   DO leave me your thoughts and questions and I will answer them in a video post.

How to BOMB a cold call

Too often sales people pick up the telephone and make a call as if they were reaching out to a friend, a family member or a colleagues.   Cold calling with the intent to sell is very different and you need “preparation”.   Watch this video as Jennifer and I go through a few keyContinue reading “How to BOMB a cold call”

Why organizing content is more important than posting content daily

So, after many years of being on social media you have probably figured out that it’s not as easy as you thought it would be to attract the “RIGHT kind of audience” or as I call them “high value” visitors.   UNLESS of course you are a celebrity like the ROCK or Will Smith orContinue reading “Why organizing content is more important than posting content daily”

Just launched “Shahabi Talk” on facebook

Without a doubt facebook is one of, if not the only, media platform that can spread content like brush-fire which is why I have launched “Shahabi Talk”.   Every week I will try and bring on board experts to discuss key issues related to sales, marketing, and communication in the digital era. Hope you will joinContinue reading “Just launched “Shahabi Talk” on facebook”

Standing along side my peers in the tech sector in America

At the Ritz Carlton in Laguna Nigel back in 2003 I received an award along side my peers from Silicon Valley and the tech sector in America  for being an innovator.  Some of the best minds in North America come from the Iranian Diaspora and I am honored to be among the best of theContinue reading “Standing along side my peers in the tech sector in America”