How to create and organize video content with impact

It’s no secret that video and social media have changed the landscape of marketing communication forever.  Today, people on average spend between 30 to 40 hours a week watching video content on their mobile devices, laptops and tablet PCs.   Thanks to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, snapchat and twitter, online video broadcast has become the newContinue reading “How to create and organize video content with impact”

e-Commerce in one click using AIOconnect

One of the powerful features that makes us uniquely different than all other platforms is our seamlessly integration of PayPal, the worlds leading online payment gateway, in to your AIO. This integration allows you to list products and services and transact instantly with speed, convenience and greater online security without buyers having to jump throughContinue reading “e-Commerce in one click using AIOconnect”

Organize content with clear access to information

We live in an attention grabbing world.  Whoever can demand attention, direct attention and HOLD attention WINS.  It’s that simple. But you are probably asking, where is this attention coming from.  The answer is GOOGLE.  90% of people who are on the internet are searching for content related to their NEED.   From healthcare related search,Continue reading “Organize content with clear access to information”

What makes you better than everyone else?

People invest in WINNERS so give your visitors the assurance that you ARE ONE by demonstrating credibility and legitimacy of your operation.  This is called “identity building” where you are communicating “self-worth”. There are too many fakes, scams, crooks, and con artists out there so your number one goal on your company page is toContinue reading “What makes you better than everyone else?”

Your currency is TRUST, let’s start with HELLO 

Pick any website, online front, or splash page and what do you see.  9 out 10 times it’s either a product promotion, a self-congratulatory award smack in the middle of the page to impress viewers or there is a “signup button” with a bunch of product links and tabs that sends the visitor off intoContinue reading “Your currency is TRUST, let’s start with HELLO “

Everyone will be selling something, so should you

It’s needless to say in the world that we live in today where consumerism is at warp speed everyone will be selling something NEW.  And yes the operative word is NEW for a number of reasons one of which is we genuinely “like” NEW things that’s sets us apart for the past and we don’tContinue reading “Everyone will be selling something, so should you”

The New MEconomy and why should it matter to you?

Over the past 25 years since the invention of the Internet a fundamental transformation has taken place that is just now coming to fruition and it’s called the “new MEconomy”. I define the new MEconomy as a tectonic shift that has, and will continue to, dramatically transfer the “balance of power and influence” away fromContinue reading “The New MEconomy and why should it matter to you?”

How to WIN BIG in the New MEconomy

I have just finished writing “How to WIN BIG in the new MEconomy” handbook or manual as I call it …  here is the intro and what it would entail Authors Note I write this MEconomy manual for anyone who is apprehensive about their future, unsure of their job security and worried about the impact ofContinue reading “How to WIN BIG in the New MEconomy”

Dubai is no place for entrepreneurs who want to invest their knowledge and money. Here’s why

Let me first start by saying that since September of 2014 my passport has been taken from me by the Dubai police upon the order of the public prosecutor’s office and on June 19th, 2015 I have been given a deportation order by the courts which means I first have to turn myself to the police, stay aContinue reading “Dubai is no place for entrepreneurs who want to invest their knowledge and money. Here’s why”

A creative agency that takes other people’s ideas is hardly creative

In February of 2013, Big Brand Media came to know Madison Advertising who at the time was selling print media creative and brand consulting for Saffron in Dubai .  I know this because the CEO of Madison, Mr. Tarek Ghannam shared office space with us at  the H Business tower on Shiekh Zayed road, in Dubai. As a techContinue reading “A creative agency that takes other people’s ideas is hardly creative”