From text chat, to voice call, to closing sales in under 10 minutes

The most powerful communication tools in the world are available to you today but I am ready to bet hardly anyone uses them in the right sequence to close a deal?  Most people look at text chat as a social feature to send a quick message to a friend, family or colleagues and at best it’s used to share a URL.  At the enterprise level it is used by call center people either in a tech support capacity or to answer questions that random people visiting a website might have.

What you may not realize is that text chat is a very powerful sales probing tool.  It’s an ice breaker to start a relationship.   Which means using this platform you need to be ready to “assess” your visitors needs and wants in under 2 minutes.  Don’t make the mistake of trying to sell on chat.  It won’t work and as a matter of fact it might backfire and burn bridges not to mention your brand.

To use text chat effectively is to move the relationship to the next level which is either a face to face conversation over video conferencing or voice chat (over telephone or skype).   Let’s not forget that people still want to hear a human voice on the other end of a conversation who can give them reassurances and a personal guarantee.


Mastering the art of online communication

The art of going from text chat to a phone call or video call over skype or voice messaging over whatsapp comes down to these simple steps and how you execute them will determine your rate of success, online.

Think CONVERSION, first.

We all know that conversion is KEY.  The end goal for you is to convert browsers into first time buyers, existing buyers into repeat buyers, and repeat buyers into disciples who will share your AIO address and products and services to their network through the incentives you offer (we talked about this in the previous section).

So how do you get to the point of conversion.  The short answer is “you ask” for “permission” to explain the value of your offering and during this time you DON’T SELL, you walk them to a point in the conversation where they end up AGREEING with you.

Once a person agrees with you, they will buy period.  It’s human psychology.  Research shows that 95% of people who agree with you will end up buying whatever it is you are selling to them that’s within their “buying boundaries” and that the product or service “serves a need”.

If you don’t believe me ask yourself this questions, why do you like a particular musician, politician, football player, or motivation speaker over another?  The answer is because you agree with their behavior, tonality, style, aura and points of view which are closer to yours.  Why do you listen to one news channel over another, because you agree with the way they tell the news that is more in tune with your belief system and outlook of the world.  Why do you feel more compassionate towards one NGO over another, because you are more sympathetic to that cause, and so on.

Getting people to agree with you is one of the fastest ways to take out uncertainty and changing peoples limiting beliefs of wanting a product or service.  In doing so you short circuit the mental desire for someone to say NO, Don’t need it, don’t want it, I changed my mind .. etc.

The goal is not to SELL, but to get people to agree with you and let them BUY into your outlook.

People who agree with you end up taking your side and that’s when conversation happens.


WON’T BUY —– Disagree with you —– STARTING POINT —– Agree with you —— BUY


Let’s use an example to see how the steps work and what you need to be conscience of when communicating with a prospective buyer.  Let’s say you are a painter an artist and you have someone on a call.  Here is what you need to do?

How to get people to agree with you (by controlling the call)

1. Build instant rapport & capture attention by being appreciative.  

“I’m really excited to be speaking with you about your interest in art and thank you for giving me your valuable time to start this conversation.”   (Enthusiastic about their appreciation for art)

2. Identify Interest. There is an immediate need “identify it FIRST”.

“Paintings are very subjective wouldn’t you agree.  They touch peoples hearts and minds differently so can you tell me a little about the style of art you are looking for, for what purpose, and where would the artwork in question be positioned? Is that ok with you as our starting point?”    (demonstrate confidence and knowledge in subject matter)

3. Identify the boundaries of agreement to “Buy”. It could be cost based, could be values oriented, it could be time driven.  Listen well, answer questions and stay within the boundaries (the comfort zone) of BUYING in order to close deal.  This part is all about needs assessment.

“So am I correct in understanding that you are looking for a 2 meter by 3-meter oil painting for your office with an image of two people on a sail boat riding on calm waters.  You want to send the message of stability, experience and a steady hand in leadership.  And you would like to have it delivered to you in 10 days with a budget of 5000 dollars or 15 days?

4. Highlight the Benefits (in this case the NEED is recognition)

“So the benefits of this painting is not only decorative but it also has a brand value in that while people are sitting in your office they can relate the painting to your strength and business leadership, it can also be a great talking point that can segway into a sales pitch for you, is that a fair statement?

5. Offer statistics with anecdotes (paint a picture that connects with ROI)

“Did you know that visual marketing such as the use of paintings with subliminal messages increase business prospects by up to 75%”.    That’s why for example the White house is filled with paintings of powerful figures so foreign dignitaries would know who the leader of the free world is as they approach the oval office.   It conveys strength and impact and that’s the kind of art you want, right?

6. Incentivize and get commitment with reasonability.

“If we are in agreement can I kindly ask you to click on the buy button on my AIO products and service page so I can start the process by sending you a design draft within 24 hours as a starting point and instead of 10 days I will deliver the painting to you within 8 days?   Is that ok with you (does that sound reasonable to you)?

7. Go all in – Build TRUST & confidence with enthusiasm

“I’m 100 percent committed to what you need for your office and I will make sure this painting will impress you and the people coming to your office.  Thank you for your trust and confidence”.




Get people to agree that what you are offering “increases their gains” and “reduces their losses” and BUYING will happen if you have a qualified and serious buyer on the other end.

Make sure you speak from their perspective and not yours and remember people buy for their own reasons and not for yours but what you can do is to get the potential buyer to agree with you in that your product can satisfy their need(s).   Be enthusiastic and make sure the person on the other end of the call feels confident about your capabilities.  If you sound weak or unsure that’s the end of the sale opportunity so make sure you are in an “authoritative state of mind” and that you are in control of the conversation at all times.

If you do encounter a person moving towards “disagreement with you” it means you are not “in sync” with their need(s) with your product / service offering and therefore quickly try to realign yourself by asking better questions and listening well.    Get a commitment follow up with the paperwork.

SPEAK to the heart, fulfill a NEED, exude confidence,
build trust and the SALE will follow

Buildup your Network reduce your marketing cost

It’s crystal clear that without buyers you have no business. But often a lack of buyers doesn’t necessarily come from lack of interest on the part of the consumer but rather a lack of “Business Visibility” on the part of the seller, YOU.

So without beating around the bush let me give it to you straight, your number one priority as a business owner, an entrepreneur, an executive and or a sales person is to do everything NECESSARY to build up a network of people who are ready to buy your goods and services.  And this is where building up a digital network of connections is critical now that more people are spending an increasing amount of time searching for goods and services online.

As discussed earlier the average social reach ratio is 1 to 10, meaning, if you want to sell to 100,000 people you need to build a “commercially viable business network” of 1,000,000 persons who will make up your market share.   And yes that’s how market shares of the future are measured, in the number of people within a network who know you, trust you and are ready, willing and able to buy from you.

This network is your power base which is why with AIOconnect we help you reduce your “Find Time” (online search for leads), increase your online business visibility (through SEO) and reduce your marketing cost all from a single point of contact within a professional network.


So how do you go from Zero to 1,000,000 in under 3 years

First let me explain why I say 3 years and not 5 or 10 years.  The reason is, I want to create a sense of urgency.

If you don’t have a deadline in this very important activity you will end up spending hours and hours in front of a computer monitor or mobile screen aimlessly browsing the social networks trying to connect with people that may or may not have an impact on your business.  Keep in mind that 99% of social networks like Facebook and twitter are filled with fake IDs and bots who try to connect with you only to steal your ID.   You really don’t want any of that and you don’t want to fall into the trap of becoming a “social media addict” either, and boy are there a lot of junkies out there who spend a lot of time and money to no real significant end.

For you and I building social media networks for business has an entirely different approach and I will show you how to scout professionally so you don’t end up having the wrong people in your network and draining yourself out energy and out of business.

But first, let me talk a little about the nature of social dynamics in the new MEconomy, its social impact and how together we can reach scale well beyond the 1 million mark within three years.


Social Dynamics

The new MEconomy is all about building “collective interest” and selling “collective value” and here is how it works.  Your initial investment is in what I call “sweat equity” where you invest time and energy in coming up with “group projects” that serves a wider business interest than your own.   Now this might sound a little utopian but that’s exactly what social networking is all about.  It’s the fastest, most effective way of build relationships with a “unifying goal”.

I have leveraged social dynamics many times and as a matter of fact built AIOconnect through this model of collaboration across three continents.  So, I am convinced of its power and firmly believe that to grow you need to pull in stakeholders, create a common goal and share prosperity.  So let me give you an example of how this works.


“sell for others so others will sell for you”
create synergies across a value chain.


Let’s say you are a herbalist from New Delhi, India and your business objective is to organize a workshop on alternative medicine in Toronto, Canada.  Ideally you would like to fill up a room with 250 attendees who would be interested in your wellness program and herbal remedies that you can sell from your AIO.  What can you do to get this workshop off the ground?

There are two options, the old way of doing everything yourself and investing in each step of the process OR you can invest “sweat equity” to create collective value for a number of doctors in the Toronto area who share your passion and would be interested in getting involved with such a workshop, along with a marketing professional / company who might be looking for new clients in that industry sector and bring them into your circle of “collective interest”.

Everyone gains.  The doctors increase their brand visibility both at the workshop level and by creating a point of presence on AIOconnect.   The marketing company / professional win by getting access to a niche audience, the doctors and by being associated with you on AIOconnect.  And you win because now there would be a team working around a common objective of bringing this workshop to life.  This collective action not only increases “Brand Value” but more importantly would build the kind of “Trust” needed to convert attendees at the workshop into customers.

Now here is the best part.   As AIOconnect, through its network of members expands across industries and geography, more “real” professionals (not fake ID’s or Bots found on other social sites) will be joining our network, worldwide.  And as we increase our visibility via SEO and other marketing activities we will be able to pass on the benefits to you so you can grow your network faster at a reduced marketing cost.

So how do we grow TOGETHER, through “sweat equity” and “collective interest” and here is what I would suggest you doing right away to start building up “YOUR” network.

Come up with group oriented projects.   It could be sales centric, event centric, media centric, promotion centric, etc.  Think about how you could get others involved in a mutually profitable venture.

Incentivize action.  Divert your marketing cost into incentives to increase your network.  If you have a marketing budget share it with your end users and ask them to take action that would increase your network value.  Ask them to sign up a friend and get a reward.  Ask them to buy a product on your AIO and you would give a product prize away to a friend or to a charity of their choosing, ask them to join AIOconnect via your affiliate connection code.  Whatever you do, create a sense of urgency to act and incentivize the action.

Create WOM (word of mouth).    Offer something so spectacular that would make it irresistible for others not to want to brag about it to their friends.  This will increase eyeballs to your AIO.

Build alliances.  Reach out and make new business connections within AIOconnect’s Social Business Network and make a joint video around a common theme and share it on both your AIOs.

Connect online with offline.   This is very powerful that often business people forget.   You are at a meeting, an event, a conference, a tradeshow.  Invite your friends to connect with you on your AIO.   Have an AIOconnect business card and invite them to meet you at your Online Office and impress them with the tools available within your AIO.


YOUR AIOconnect Network feature and how it works.

We have talked about the importance of building up your network, the value of AIOconnect platform and how it can reduce your marketing cost now let’s talk about how it actually works.

Once your AIOconnect office is live and active you can easily search the network by typing in people by area, industry, city or by country.   The search result will introduce you to other AIO members.  Simply by going to their AIO and clicking on the “Join My Network” you will be inviting them to connect with you.

Once a member confirms the connection they will be added to your network under General Group which is your default group.

To optimize your connections, you can then proceed to create Group Categories by clicking on the “Create” button and type in a group name and then save.

To add members into that group click on the group category and click on the “add member”.  From your general group your members will be moved into the new group category while keeping them in the general group as default.

The Network feature is important because it can help you organize your network and more importantly organize your marketing messages and campaigns, your outbound campaigns and over all help you create better targeted communication.

Now that we have a common goal of reaching 1,000,000 members start building your network by inviting 8 of your business friends who you think can benefit from having their own AIO.  We are asking all of our members to do the same, worldwide.   In the era of social networks, we are all in the relationship building business and those of us who master it well will ultimately WIN BIG.

How to create and organize video content with impact

It’s no secret that video and social media have changed the landscape of marketing communication forever.  Today, people on average spend between 30 to 40 hours a week watching video content on their mobile devices, laptops and tablet PCs.   Thanks to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, snapchat and twitter, online video broadcast has become the new way of information sharing far beyond the reach and influence of TV and print advertising.

Video content for the web generation is the new form of public relations, marketing and branding all in one.   And its social reach and influences goes beyond borders within seconds.

Let’s also not forget about its impact that’s four times more powerful than static content on the web and conventional 30 second ads.   But here is the downside, you have 7 seconds to grab a viewer attention and under 3 minutes to say what you have to say or lose them forever.

So if you want to be convincing in front of your target audience you need to know how to master the art of becoming a “social influencer” via video content really well.

This is a two-part activity just like the file cabinet section of your AIO.  First you need to know how to create good content followed by organization and distribution that’s in line with your sales and marketing strategy.

Let’s talk about the first part, first.

What to consider when making “impactful” content that builds rapport & social influence

To make powerful content that grabs attention is easy if you know what’s involved in the process but sadly not a lot of people do and jump right into broadcasting content without much thought.  To do it right you need to give yourself time to think through a 3 step process which starts with a) knowing how to be authentic and trust worthy, b) knowing how to connect with your audience by being confident in front of a camera.  And c) knowing how to hit a homerun by bridging (a) and (b) together so you can profit from the attention your audience has given you.

So let’s start with point A which is all about being authentic and trust worthy.   To do that you need to go “all in” which means being ready and willing to share your knowledge, insight, and experience without any reservation.

Building up the credibility factor is imperative as a predecessor to making a sale so don’t look at it as a cost but rather an investment in building up your “Brand Value”.    In the digital world of marketing and communication people look at authenticity as a positive quality and in return will give you their trust by a) sharing your content and b) becoming your advocate online. This is key because unless you can demonstrate sincerity in wanting to help others and that you are knowledgeable enough in your field (domain expertise), audiences won’t give you the time of day, period.  You can’t fake this one.

Equally important is your on camera delivery which basically means being confident enough to speak to an audience by looking down the barrel of a lens in order to captures your audience’s attention.  Public speaking and media training comes in really handy.  But here are a few quick tips that can get you started right NOW.

Think of yourself as a Hollywood actor and get into character.   Clear your throat, chin up and look into the camera with a smile.   Be conscious of a few technical issues such as tonality, facial expressions, and use of language (distinguish between slang and formal talk and go somewhere in between).

In order to become an influencer in your “explainer” videos your demeanor needs to exude positivity, enthusiasm, confidence and present a demeanor that shows you are a force to be recommend with.

So before you get in front of a camera and upload a video on youtube or vimeo ask yourself these questions.

  1. Can I present well?
  2. What value do I bring to the table?
  3. What issue(s) am I raising that could be of benefit?
  4. Am I offering a solution?
  5. Will I buy what I am selling?

The best sales people in the world are those who use their own products and services, they follow their own advice and as the cliché goes, they “practice what they preach”.

So what’s being shared needs to be a lot of your own personal experience, your insight, your challenges, and successes in addition to talking about the benefits of a product or service that and how it can positively impact their lives.  As a word of advice, don’t bullshit people in the digital age because they will see right through it. And make sure you never get in front of a camera without talking points (a script) and a few rehearsals before actually filming and uploading the content.  This is one of the BIG differences between raw social media content and “purposeful” content with an end game, to build rapport, earn trust and to make a sale.   I call it, “the Art of not blowing it” on camera.

Whatever you do, stay true to yourself and stay on message (don’t lose focus).
You will develop a BRAND over time.

On to point B which is all about understanding your target audience and their social impact on your bottom-line.

There are 6.5 billion people in the world and not all of them are your customers and not all of them will impact your bottom-line so don’t worry too much about social media “likes” and don’t pay too much attention on what is called the social media “herd effect” when something goes viral where everyone becomes a link in the chain.   Those two negatives will take you down the wrong path as opposed to the path of success.

The focus here is to understand the mathematics behind social influence and social reach.

Let’s do the math by asking the important question. What is the real “commercial” not brand, but commercial value of ONE serious connection on social media?

The answer is TEN.

Which means the ratio of ONE “commercial connection”, and by commercial I mean any connection that has either purchased from you, is purchasing from you, OR, values you as a social influencer enough to market (share) your video(s) within their circle of business friends, is TEN.  Which means if your goal is to reach 1,000,000 “potential buyers” for your product or service you will need to have a social connection (a network) of 100,000 commercial connections and the best way to reach that target is to “categorize your audience into 5 groups and then make video content for each segment starting with group 1.
The 5 groups of buyers are:

  1. The needs buyer – who has a problem that needs solving right away
  2. The bargain hunter – who scouts for special offers and discounts
  3. The impulse buyer – who is emotionally driven and thinks with their heart
  4. The web browser – who searches the web and accidentally sees something they like
  5. The seasonal buyer – who make buying decisions in cycles

Keep in mind that it will take between 1.5 to 2 years to build solid “commercial connections”.

This time is needed to start engaging with your audience to truly understand their needs, what kind of deals and offers attract their attention, and how to make your audience come to you as a primary source when it’s time for them to place an order.  So don’t give up quick and don’t get impatient.


Explainer Videos

Explainer videos work like a charm online because a) they tell a relevant story with an impact on peoples lives, b) they address a problem, c) they solve a problem with a product or service and d) people love to share them on social media because they have “edutainment value”.

Collaborations are also an amazing way to make videos.  Bring on other industry experts on your video to “discuss issues” because it’s not only good for your video content / channel to build up credibility but that through collaboration your guests can also share the content on their AIO channel / youtube / vimeo which would double the reach and visibility for you.  It’s a good content distribution strategy.

Explainer videos have the following themes running through them

  1. They have a great 3 second intro (power intros are great)
  2. They are educational and entertaining to watch
  3. They address a problem / concern
  4. They elaborate on the problem with facts and figures charts and graphs
  5. They offer alternative possibilities and solutions
  6. They ask for permission to sell or take the viewers information for follow up

And last but not least is what I call the “Homerun Strategy” that 9 out of 10 videos don’t have.

Videos should NOT leave people dangling.  Those types of videos that do are often used for branding with a lower “b” and really have no impact on your sales.  Instead what you want is to incentivize the viewer with an offer, a reward, a benefit that if they take action after watching this video they will be treated “special” and people like that.

Make the homerun work for you by making it “beneficial” for your viewing audience and guess what they will do in return?   Take a guess?  In addition to being a buyer themselves they will share the video within their network of friends and spread the benefit with their inner circle and that’s how the 1 to 10 social reach number comes into play and will very quickly help you build up your customer base, locally, regionally and globally.

So, to recap,

  1. Create a character for yourself like a Hollywood star
  2. Create a format or genre for your video explainers and stick to it
  3. Make sure you are prepared with talking points or a script
  4. Understand your audiences needs well and customize the video for them
  5. Incentivize your audience to buy your product / service and share your video at the same time.
  6. The end goal is to earn your viewing audiences trust that will convert into sales.


Your AIO Video Channel and how it works

So we talked about what goes into creating a powerful video content now let’s talk about organizing the content in order to maximize viewership on your AIO.

The first thing you need to do is to create a Channel.  Simply click on the plus sign to create a channel of your choice.

My advice is to break down the channels by customer segment that we talked about earlier.  This way it will help you organize your videos effectively.

Once you have created a channel name click on it and then click on the upload video arrow where you will see a screen pop.

There you can add your header (video name), a short description that explains what the viewer will be watching and why.  You can even use this area to create a link back to a destination of choice such as a product page on your AIO.   Once you have added the text you can then copy a Youtube or Vimeo URL address of your choice and drop it in the video URL section.  We have deliberately used third party platforms because we want to help you increase your viewership while on the other hand help you increase your sales opportunity across social media platforms.  We will get in to how powerful the interplay between your video channel, product page and message board is once you familiarize yourself with all of the features to create a push – pull marketing strategy from your AIO.

Your video file has a “lock” feature as well where you can upload videos in advance of any campaign and once the time comes you can unlock it with one click.   There is an editing option so you can always go back and make changes to the text and video URL as you please.

Once you are happy with the header, the description details and the video URL click save and your video will be ready for broadcast inside your AIO channel.

It’s that easy.

e-Commerce in one click using AIOconnect

One of the powerful features that makes us uniquely different than all other platforms is our seamlessly integration of PayPal, the worlds leading online payment gateway, in to your AIO.

This integration allows you to list products and services and transact instantly with speed, convenience and greater online security without buyers having to jump through hoops.   All that is required is for both you and your buyers to have a PayPal account set up.  It’s that simple.

At present no other solution exists on the market that empowers the individual to become their own commercial center because either the portals like Amazon, eBay and Alibaba are too product centric or social networks like Facebook and twitter are too content focused.   And platforms like Shopify require backend integration that has its own headaches.   Let’s also not leave out platforms such as Fiverr and freelancer that take a hefty percentage out of every transaction, which is something we don’t do.

At AIOconnect we understand the synergy between branding, customer leads generation and sales and if the transaction gateway is missing the first two activities won’t lead to a desirable ROI which is why we added the final solution to the Golden Rules of eBusiness which are:

  • Find me (search engine optimization, WOM, content distribution, build awareness)
  • Trust me (become a credible, reliable and respected industry authority)
  • Buy from me (take the relationship to a transactional level)

“Buying happens when the value you offer is more than the price you charge.”

Let’s get in to the mechanics

Step one.  Create a category name

Step two.  Click on the category name to upload a product.

A screen will appear where you will need to fill in the following details

  • Product name
  • Product description
  • You can add a explainer video URL from YouTube or Vimeo OR an image that clearly shows the offering.
  • Add price, click the save button and you are ecommerce enabled.

Step three.  Go to your AIO account manager setting and make sure your PayPal email is correct.  This is vitally important because without it transactions will not go through.

As we are leveraging PayPal as a payment gateway each time a transaction is completed you will be notified via email.  All of the information between the buyer and the seller (you) will be logged on your PayPal account and you can always contact the customer for further details and follow ups.

NOTE: Here is the best part unlike other transaction portals that charge anything between 5% to 40% in transaction fee, we take ZERO so 100% of the profit is yours.  We are just the facilitator and we are proud and happy to play our part.

Organize content with clear access to information

We live in an attention grabbing world.  Whoever can demand attention, direct attention and HOLD attention WINS.  It’s that simple.

But you are probably asking, where is this attention coming from.  The answer is GOOGLE.  90% of people who are on the internet are searching for content related to their NEED.   From healthcare related search, to interior design, to cooking to education to fashion to automobiles to you name it people are looking information so they can then take ACTION.

Now the question is how do you draw attention to you and your business if your mission is to first and foremost build TRUST.

Well, as we discussed earlier it’s done through “CONTENT” which has two parts, what you create (text, image and video) and how you headline, organize, and distribute it.

Many internet marketing professionals will talk to you about the importance of content creation, which is tremendously important, as the content you produce will ultimately define who you are and determine the quality of people you attract.   But what I would argue is that second to the type of content you create HOW you make the information available within reach is equally, if not, more important.  Here is why.

Let’s say you’ve created the most amazing brochure in the world with the best product description and special offer BUT no one sees it.  What good will it do for you and your bottom-line?   Now on the other hand what would happen if you headlined that brochure with a catchy title and organized it in a way that was accessible to anyone who visited your AIO.   Or better yet you were able send out a message to your social network and asked them to come and download the file from your AIO instantly and in the brochure there was a special offer that if the viewer acted upon it they would get a special relationship bonus?   What a way to make someone feel special, right!

This is a key feature we focused on so our members can organize their content in the best possible way and share information in the most effective way from a single point of contact.

We call this the “Push Pull” system using content sharing with purpose.  Let’s go through the file cabinet system so you can get a good feel for its resourcefulness.


Setting up your file cabinet

Your file cabinet acts as your personal hard drive with private and public setting.

The first step after clicking on the file cabinet icon is to create a “category”.  The category is basically a methodology to organize your files so when you want to notify others where to search for your documents they will be able to access the information in a time efficient manner.

Depending on your business and line of work you can create various categories but avoid creating ONE category and dumping all the files into one space.

An ideal setup from our experience is to create between 4 to 6 categories and within each category add between 2 to 4 files.   You don’t want to overwhelm your visitors and you can always update your categories and files at any time as you post fresh content.

The best format for uploading content is obviously PDF and JPG as its easier to read both on laptop computers as well as on mobile devices.

Once you have created a category name and saved it you will need to click on the category and upload a file.  It’s that simple.

Once the file is uploaded you will see the “Lock” icon.   We have added this private feature so in case you wanted to upload a personal file or create a personal category you can do so.  Upload your documents onto your virtual hard drive and “lock” it for your own viewing.    If the icon is left unlocked (which is the default setting) it will be available for public access and for public download.

Type of Categories I would suggest are:

  • Public Relations – for uploading press releases
  • Marketing Brochure – for company bio / product descriptions / promotions etc.
  • Business Cards – Contact details
  • Presentations – seminar talking points, product user guides etc.
  • Articles & white papers – industry specific knowledge sharing that makes you an authority figure.
  • Special offers – this will help you pull in prospects and offer incentives to establish a relationship with you.

The type of content you post helps build credibility, trust and ultimately opens the door to new business opportunities so keep posting fresh content, encourage your network to visit your file cabinet often and as you start your journey on AIOconnect be patient yet consistent in your approach to content generation as you build up credibility via our algorithm that is search engine optimized.

Nature of Content Matters

Right now millions of people are posting content across social media that is “self-serving interest” and only feeds the ego which in business terms means the energy these people are using to generate such content may only serve in “entertainment value” at best but not necessarily be of “benefit” to end users.  There is a distinction.

Content with a benefit offers solutions, has purpose, is memorable, solves a problem and is “user focused”.  “Self-serving” content on the other hand is trivial information and serves a momentary pleasure, generates a laugh or amusement, and is quickly forgotten.   The most important characteristic of trivial content is that it is unable to influence or persuade others to make a business decision neither will it help you build “trust value” and open up the possibility of establishing a business relationship.

If you look at content being produced on social media I can guarantee it’s either self-centered to feed the ego or its very “Newsy” and most often it’s a URL link passed forward rather than created.  Sharing information about your dog, cat, friends, making a social observation, being pissed off or happy and sharing an emoji won’t help you build a BRAND in the new MEconomy.   Neither will creating a fraudulent lifestyle impressions that over time will wither away.  So many people are standing in front of multimillion dollar homes or sitting behind stacks of cash in hopes of trying to pass themselves off as successful on to rip people off.  DON’T DO IT.  It will backfire and hurt you.

On the other hand, having thousands of likes that don’t impact your bottom line are also irrelevant.  It’s all pointless activity.  Entertaining others is not the same as BRANDING especially when there are so many bots and fake ID’s out there.
So what do you “really” need to do?

You need a complete new approach with a new mindset.   Here are a few tips on how to construct content for business.

  1. Focus on posting content that demonstrates your industry insight
  2. Be solution oriented and solve problems
  3. Be engaging by taking questions and answering your audience by name. It shows commitment and care.
  4. Invite others to participate in the problem solving process and you will make a lot of relevant connections that will expand your network reach.
  5. Don’t hate the haters, stay calm and answer them rationally. In cyber space bad responses create a negative digital footprint and you don’t want that.
  6. Lead your audience to your AIO point of sale through your content road map.
  7. Stay relevant and over time people will turn to you as a thought leader & influencer


KEY NOTE – your time spent creating content MUST have a direct correlation with your income.  If you keep this formula in mind and you won’t lose focus.  This way you can measure the effectiveness of your content from the engagement and responses you get.  Use your content as a call to action which is then used to convert readers into buyers on your AIO and use every sale as a reference to create further testimonial content which demonstrates “BRAND superiority”.   Be persistent and play long.


What makes you better than everyone else?

People invest in WINNERS so give your visitors the assurance that you ARE ONE by demonstrating credibility and legitimacy of your operation.  This is called “identity building” where you are communicating “self-worth”.

There are too many fakes, scams, crooks, and con artists out there so your number one goal on your company page is to give your audience the reassurance that you are “legit” and you are worthy of their time and trust.

The best way to do this is to show track record so if anyone wants to research-up on you they can.  Researching is a good sign because when visitors come back that means they have done their homework and are serious to start a working relationship.  So here are a few guidelines that can help you better position yourself.

Step one.   Briefly explain when your company / business / organization was established and why.  People want to know how and why your business took off in this line of work.  They want to know the source of your passion, the inspiration, the drive and determination that has gone into building your brand.  This is also important because it will show visitors that you are not a come today, gone tomorrow, type of establishment and that if they start working with you the chances of you disappearing or abandoning them is next to zero.

Step two.   Explain and define your company / business / organization’s area of specialization.  In one paragraph your audience wants to know one thing.   Why you and not someone else?  In this section you need to put your best foot forward and build confidence.

Step three. Go right into testimonials by giving references.  This builds up assurances.

Step four.   Always close with a call to action.  Once the visitor has read your company brief ask them read up some more by taking them either to your file cabinet where they can access more information about your company / business / organization OR the video channel to watch you speak about your business.

The goal here is to build TRUST, establish rapport and build confidence so that the visitor will be motivated and encouraged to contact you.   This is the start of a working relationship in the new MEconomy.

Here are a few examples. 


Example 1. (show confidence, enthusiasm and compassion)

Magic Solutions was founded in 2005 as a digital services company with a passion to help startups and SMEs break through the digital barrier by increasing penetration and reach in order to meet their business goals.

We know that for any startup the ROI of every dollar is important which is why when we deploy a marketing plan we know how to turn US $1 dollar spent in to US $2 dollars return.

Magic Solutions is proud to have worked with some amazing entrepreneurs and innovators such as Sam Torbin, the founder of Xox, Liz Patal, the CEO of Jumpbox that has just raised over US $6 million dollars in first round fund and Nargis Kohan, the Chief Marketing Officer at Bluewaters.

To find out more about Magic Solutions, what we do and how we work with our clients please access my file cabinet for more information and feel free to watch our introductory webcast in my videos.   If you have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact me directly on my AIO.  We look forward to working with you on time, with your budget and to your success.


Example 2. (show experience and wisdom)

Yamamama is a specialty coffee shop with Turkish roots that go back to my grandmother’s time 80 years ago.  It also bears her signature on its custom menu from the day we started back in 1996 with one shop in one country to now that we have over 250 outlets across 8 countries.

With the food industry so terribly gone wrong we wanted to bring back the tradition of the past when food tasted real, ingredients were fresh and everyone was happy eating meals that nourished the body and soul.

Yamamama is also an award winning brand that has received acknowledgement from Presidents, dignitaries, nutrition experts and celebrities.

To get a taste of Yamamama please check out our products and services section and order our award winning Yamacookies.  Once you taste it you will be hooked on good food for life.


Example 3.  (be humorous but maintain confidence as a game changer)

Troy Consulting is a one-man company established in 1972, the day I was born.  But it wasn’t until 1994 after graduating from Simon Fraser University from the faculty of engineering and later working on electrical power distribution projects in the US where I was able to disrupt the supply model by creating an off grid power source.

In 2002 I was offered a US $300 million dollar contract to bring electricity to inhabitants of a country in South East Asia and from there I created the first independent electrical system (IES) that is a patent of mine.   Under this patent within 72 hours we can now bring electricity to any neighborhood or town with a capacity of 500,000 homes.

If you would like to know more about Troy Consulting and what I can bring to your project please either contact me directly at my AIO, or for more information about the various project I have been involved with access my file cabinet or watch my videos.


Your currency is TRUST, let’s start with HELLO 

Pick any website, online front, or splash page and what do you see.  9 out 10 times it’s either a product promotion, a self-congratulatory award smack in the middle of the page to impress viewers or there is a “signup button” with a bunch of product links and tabs that sends the visitor off into never never land.

The reason is that since the 1990s when the world wide web came into existence marketing agencies and web development companies took over the digital arena and positioned websites as nothing more than online catalogs.

Their entire ethos, till this very day, is to make pretty interfaces and push products like a newspaper ad, and very reluctantly, do they feel obliged to add a “contact us” button just in case a visitor to the website would need help and would want to contact the company or website owner.  But they would really prefer that didn’t happen because it would just mean more work and that’s not what old school marketing mindset is all about.

What is sad is that in the social media era were transparency and personal interaction has rapidly become the norm in fostering relationships the marketing and web management teams are still using the same old method without even contemplating the thought that one of the reasons why websites are under performing is precisely because they have not made their front-line people (sales, marketing, business development and public relations) visible and accessible to online visitors / potential customers and instead their analytic benchmarks are measured in clicks, impressions, and nowadays facebook likes .

It didn’t work ten years ago and let me tell you, it won’t work now just look at the conversion rates of clicks to buys.  The internet after 25 years is still not considered a primary business platform but rather a nicety to have.  So let’s change this model now that we can with your AIOconnect.   Let’s make a real human connection by reaching out and interacting with others on a personal level and make it a precondition for increasing business opportunity which is something we strongly believe in.


Building up your profile page

On your AIOconnect we are focused on building connections and the first connection you need to make is through your “profile page”.   Mastering the “art of greeting” is something a lot of us overlook without realizing that your first impression can either open the door to infinite possibilities OR it could be the end of it.

Here, the focus is on YOU to build rapport and you have about ten seconds to do so.  The viewer(s) who take the time to visit your AIO want to know who you are and how you can solve their problem so let’s start with “hello” and then structure your profile page in 3 parts, “acknowledgement and appreciation” for showing interest in you, “introduction” of who you are and why they should invest time and money in doing business with you, and a “call to action” so you don’t leave the viewer guessing as to what they need to do next.

You have 800 words to connect with the visitor so be compact yet effective.

Your mission is to build “CONFIDENCE & TRUST” and present yourself as a WINNER because people like to deal with other people who can meet their needs, and take responsibility on a personal level above and beyond any company brand or company assurances (return policies, sales polices, refund policies etc).

So let’s build your first impression, the right way.      You can follow this script or make a variation of it that suits you but whatever you do, don’t be in a hurry to push a product as the first rule of the new MEconomy is to connect and once you have established that rapport slowly walk the potential customer to your products and services section and ultimately to close a deal.

Remember you need to build TRUST as your number one asset if you are playing “long” which means turning a first time buyer into a repeat buyer with the end goal of turning them into your AIO ambassadors and surrogates so they feel confident enough to put their reputation on the line and spreading your name within their network.

Let me show you two examples of an AIO profile page one as a service provider and the other as a product sales person.


Example 1.

Hi and thanks for visiting my AIO

My name is John Bormann and I have spent the past 25 years in the aviation industry as a pilot with some of the leading airlines in the world.   Today I run my own aviation academy with a fleet of 16 single engine airplanes providing PPL training to kids as young as 9 and adventure seekers as young as 75.

As the founder and CEO of Air Eagle academy my personal guarantee to anyone who wants to learn how to fly is not only the skills to handle a plane from takeoff, to navigation, and landing but more importantly to instill the confidence a seasoned pilot would need to manage a flight with impeccable safety.

To learn more about Air Eagle academy please visit our video channel to watch the “beginners flight” program and download the program catalogue from my file cabinet and if you still had questions please contact me on my AIO and I would be more than happy to respond.

We look forward to helping you fly like an Eagle

Best Regards

Founder, CEO and Capitan
John Bormann


Example 2.

Hi, my name is Rebecca Thomson and welcome to my AIO,

As a mom of 4 kids aged 3, 5, 9 and 11 I can tell you that feeding children the right, healthy, nutritious and balanced diet was never easy given that we are bombarded with so much advertisement of sugar filled food that are inexpensive but void of value.

This is why I have dedicated 16 years of my life to creating the most powerful menu any mother could give their kids.

My 5 course meal program is something that I not only feed my children with but I have been fortunate enough to gain the support of the entire school district of West Virginia were we now feed over 13,000 kids between the ages of 4 and 18.

To find out more about my power menu please watch our “kids come first video” and then download our “power menu” brochure for more details.   If you have any questions, please feel free to connect me at my AIO.

Best Regards

Rebecca Thomson
a mom who cares


The other important factor you need to consider is making sure the language, spelling and flow are all correct.  Remember, you are asking people to trust you and paying attention to these seemingly minor details makes a world of different in how to start building TRUST.  So, give your reader the respect they deserve by being coherent, articulate and demonstrate leadership with a lot of energy and DO NOT PUSH products on this first encounter.  Be patient.  If the person is interested in you they will follow up.

On AIOconnect we are helping you create an inspiring first impression but the steps need to be taken in the right way.  Once you have added the content in the middle column on the right hand side you will see a box where you can upload an image that best represents you.   Part of your presentation is knowing what kind of image is complementary to your statement.   Often I would suggest professionals using a head-shot on a white background, a professional photo with a smile would do beautifully.   Alternatively, you can select a picture of your choice that would represent you and the industry you are in best.  Just keep in mind the number one rule, you need to build “Trust”, first.