Success in Online Business requires training like all other fields

So you want to start an online business and think it’s easy.  Well, it’s not and the reason why it’s not is because you don’t have the right knowledge and skill-set to do it, “the right way”.   Which is why a massively high percentage of  of online businesses fail.

Truth be told, like all other fields such as medicine, engineering, painting, woodwork, plumbing, cooking etc, were we invest in training, doing business online also requires mastery.

This is why we created the Global Workshops on aioconnect in order to help you sharpen your online skills using a platform that guarantees you 1000% sales opportunity increase.

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Online is all about network marketing and cluster growth

So you want to become a millionaire and not sure where to start, or what to do?  You are sick of your 9 to 5 gig that offers no real challenge, no room to grow, and no pay raise is in sight.  But you know you have more in you and you are driven and motivated to turn your life around.   Well, we have built the right platform designed for the new MEconomy with a givers gain mentality based on Nobel Prize winner Dr. John Nash who is the father of game theory.

Watch this video and JOIN the movement as we connect the world by giving professionals the right tools for doing business online, and in the process, making you VERY wealthy.

How buying behavior has changed over the past 25 years

eCommerce is not a new word, it’s been around since the early days of the internet some 25 years back.  But what “has” changed in more recent years is the power shift towards the individual and the rise of the MEconomy.

“Purposeful” relationships is making a comeback, on the spot eCommerce  is in demand and  social media outgrowing chit chat and gossip.

JON my fb community

Who is the right candidate to become a network marketeer

Network marketing is not for everyone.  It takes a special kind of person with a certain desire for FREEDOM, INDEPENDENCE and SELF RELIANCE who wants to break free from the old 9 to 5 box and the security of a paycheck.

While such people are profit maximizers and ambitious they are also very hardworking, love people and posses an entrepreneurial DNA.

Watch my talk with Bess McCarty on who qualifies to be a network marketeer.

What is Network Marketing?

One of the most powerful and highly effective forms of sales and marketing in the digital era is network marketing and for two reasons.  One, the MEconomy has made the legal corporation redundant where people can now directly trade with one another using the web.  And two, financial transactions can take place between parties directly.

The benefit of adding a digital component to your strategy will simply mean that you can grow your network, faster, wider and borderless.

Watch the video for details on what is Network Marketing in my interview with Bess McCarty founder of MLM Millionaire Club.

Why organizing content is more important than posting content daily

So, after many years of being on social media you have probably figured out that it’s not as easy as you thought it would be to attract the “RIGHT kind of audience” or as I call them “high value” visitors.   UNLESS of course you are a celebrity like the ROCK or Will Smith or Gary V who all have a PR machine that runs across other media platforms such as TV, radio and print.

The truth of the matter is that many of us don’t have that kind of celebrity power and in an ocean of tweets, posts and insta pictures its hard to make a dent.  What’s the alternative you ask?

Simple,  organize your content well and make it accessible from a single point of contact we like to call, your aio.   Watch the video for details.



Receiving an award from the World Trade Club

It was a pleasure speaking at the World Trade Club in Dubai to a group of business professionals and CEOs.   The coming MEconomy will dramatically change the way we capitalize on global resources and more specifically on how we leverage human capital to create new business opportunities.    We truly live in exciting times and as a globalist i strongly encourage you to get a passport and travel our abundant planet.  It will expand your outlook and increase your chances for success.  It’s how we built AIOconnect and our story is a very powerful testament that globalization WORKS BIG TIME.

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Speaking at the World Trade Club in Dubai

The coming MEconomy will dramatically transform the way we work and how we interact with each other at a professionals level.  The new balance of power will shift from the old corporate model to the individual and this is why it’s important to know how to leverage the digital platform in the “right” way beyond the social networks.

From MEconomy to WEconomy – sharing prosperity is the new form of capitalism

Everything I have talked to you about AIOconnect are fundamental principles that drive the new MEconomy.  I not only advocate them but believe in them wholeheartedly.  Which is why as part of our “sweat equity”, “shared prosperity mindset”, and a way of growing together with a “collective success approach” we have created the AIOconnect Affiliate Partnership Program that allows our members to profit from AIOconnect, worldwide.

I came up with this model after looking carefully at Adam Smith, the great free market economist who once said that “Individual ambition serves the common good and that each member of a group (society) should do what is in their self-interest” which may have been true during his time when competition was limited.

Today however, in light of globalization, a dynamic workforce and rapid speed of innovation the formula for success is more on the side of Dr. John Nash former professor at Princeton, a Nobel prize winner and the father of game theory who completed Smiths idea with the theory of “Governing Dynamics”.

In this theory Nash makes it clear that BEST results come when everyone in the group thinks about themselves and the group and that blind competition without consideration of group interest (the collective good) will not yield the highest return as speculated by Smith for the simple reason that in the process of direct competition individuals will end up blocking each other’s path to success and therefore no one will reach maximum utility.  To WIN BIG we MUST consider the collective interest as a stepping stone to our individual success, and therefore, in the digital era that we live in this founding principle is of vital importance.  Which is why we incorporated it into our growth model so that we ALL WIN together.

Let me show you how it works.

With a principled belief of “equitable wealth distribution” we have empowered every AIOconnect office owner with a dedicated and personalized “Affiliate Code”.  Each user can share their unique code with friends, colleagues or business associated, and in return, upon them registering on AIOconnect the affiliate code owner will be entitled to a guaranteed 40% of the registration fee. In other words, from every US $25 registration you will receive US $10.  Sign up 3 business colleagues, associates and or friends and your AIO is FREE but there is more.  If you are good at networking, are passionate about becoming a connector, and enjoy educating others on the power of the new MEconomy, you can turn AIOconnect into a career.   Just look at the numbers:

AIOconnect – Affiliate Partners Revenue Model

500 sign-ups x US $10 = US $5,000
1,000 sign-ups x US $10 = US $10,000
5,000 sign-ups x US $10 = US $50,000
10,000 sign-ups x US $10 = US $100,000
50,000 sign-ups x US $10 = US $500,000


Growing Together

What’s important to note is that your affiliate network is compound.

So, if in the first year you were able to register 5,000 people and in the second year you were able to register another 5,000 people your third year total registered list will be 10,000, and if they all renew their AIOconnect membership fee, your affiliate revenue share will be compound of both years bringing you a total of US $100,000 in annual revenue.

The second important point is that you will be rewarded for as long as your referrals continue their registration renewal on AIOconnect.  This way your income is not only compound but potentially for life which can bring great financial security and freedom for you and your family.

This is my way of saying thank you for being part of AIOconnect and a member of the new MEconomic engine that will drive our global economy into the future and more importantly with every new business professional that signs on we are helping the network better their chances of opening up new opportunities within and across industries at the local, regional, national and global level.   These are exciting times and I truly hope that through AIOconnect we can help connect the world so that together we can raise the standard of living for all of humanity as we build and share prosperity around the world.


My final 7 lessons that I wish I had as an entrepreneur when starting out in business are listed below.  I will share them with you and wish you A GREAT journey filled with success.

* Shake hands and make deals. Don’t worry about legal documents too much. If people want to get out of it, they will find a way.

* Keep things simple and focus on the basics as a key differentiator

* If you are obsessed about something, “just go for it”

* Push the boundaries. It’s better to beg for forgiveness than to ask for permission.

* Having a failure does not make you a failure. – fail often, fail fast, fail cheap and you will come to realize that people and companies that fail, win more.

* There is no easy way out, work hard, stay focused and don’t let anyone distract you from your reason for living.

* It’s your dream, live it.