How to BOMB a cold call

Too often sales people pick up the telephone and make a call as if they were reaching out to a friend, a family member or a colleagues.   Cold calling with the intent to sell is very different and you need “preparation”.   Watch this video as Jennifer and I go through a few key points on this issue.



Why organizing content is more important than posting content daily

So, after many years of being on social media you have probably figured out that it’s not as easy as you thought it would be to attract the “RIGHT kind of audience” or as I call them “high value” visitors.   UNLESS of course you are a celebrity like the ROCK or Will Smith or Gary V who all have a PR machine that runs across other media platforms such as TV, radio and print.

The truth of the matter is that many of us don’t have that kind of celebrity power and in an ocean of tweets, posts and insta pictures its hard to make a dent.  What’s the alternative you ask?

Simple,  organize your content well and make it accessible from a single point of contact we like to call, your aio.   Watch the video for details.



Setting up online meetings

One of the most powerful features of your AIO is your scheduler.   Setting up meetings from your office with other AIO members sends a clear message that you are ready to seek new opportunities, discuss business potential and take the relationship to the next level.

We created this tool as a means for you to reach out faster and on a persona level.

To use it simply visit a members AIO, click on a specific date on their calendar date you wish to have a meeting on and a screen will appear where you can set a title of meeting, fix a start and end duration for the meeting and identify a time zone so both parties are in sync depending on your time zones.

It’s simple to use and very effective so you won’t miss another meeting ever again.

Try it out for yourself.

Once you have added all the other components within your AIO such as creating a video channel with content, uploading marketing material and adding products and services you can start introducing yourself to other AIO members and start expanding your network by setting appointments for a chat session, a voice chat or if you are in the same city a face to face meeting.

We truly hope you will have GREAT success on AIOconnect and now through your personal AIO can build a professional point of presence in the new MEconomy that demands high performance, rewards dedication and hard work and over time will help you build a POWER BRAND that revolves around YOU.


Your passion is in you,
turn it into a BRAND using AIOconnect


Business Networking from a single point of contact

In this section I want to talk to you about target messaging.  Not every post, every message, every thought every image, every video fits all of your social platforms the same way.   The second part is BRANDING.  When you post a message you are in fact leaving a “digital foot print” of yourself with the aim of leaving a track so others can find you on the world wide web.  And the third component of target messaging is pulling eyeballs to a single “point of contact” or “contact destination” and that’s exactly what we have created within your AIO.

The first advantage of your AIO message board is your internal twitter like feed where you can post comments on your AIO office board and have others who are connected to your network see and engage with you.  When you post a comment your network will receive an email.

The second advantage is access to AIOconnect industry groups where you can join and leave messages so other AIO members who are NOT in your network can see your posts and connect with you.

And the third part of the message board is your ability to post messages across other social networks namely Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

All three are designed in a way to increase your marketing reach and business visibility while leaving a professional impression of yourself on the internet.

The distinction between AIOconnect message board and other social media platforms is twofold, a) we are business focused with a network of “REAL” users and zero fake ID’s and bots.  And b) all of your communication, engagement and connections are “transaction” focused meaning people who visit your AIO have a desire to engage in some form of business with you as opposed to other platforms that are more focused towards sharing news content, leaving personal posts and commenting that generally speaking is a waste of time since there is no integration within their structures that offers an opportunity to buy or sell a product or service instantly.

The more clicks you add to an online relationship the less likely people will be inclined to pursue a deal which is why AIOconnect is so powerful as a marketing, communication and commerce platform.  We have kept things simple, functional and user friendly all from a single point of contact.